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Host a G.A.I.N Block Party! 

This is a time to turn on your porch lights, go outside on your block, and get to know your neighbors. The Avondale Police Department is supporting this initiative by inviting communities to register to host their own GAIN block party during the month of October. Hosting a block party is an excellent way for neighbors to get to know each other and as a means promoting safety and reducing crime in their neighborhoods.
GAIN 2008

(Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods) is a statewide annual event, designed to encourage Block Watch programs and bring neighbors together. Typically celebrated by communities throughout the month of October, G.A.I.N. events bring residents together for a common goal: to let criminals know that residents are seriously united in the fight against crime and drugs.

A Block Party can consist of just a few neighbors, multiple homes on a street or even several blocks in a community.

Why host a block party in your neighborhood:
A Block Party is a gathering of residents of a neighborhood for social purposes limited to the residents of the immediate block, and a public street, backyard, community lot or even someone’s home will be used for the gathering. It does not mater the size of the gathering. This event is a unified effort in towns and cities across the state that partners police, businesses, and block watch organizations with neighborhoods to help protect communities and reduce crime.

Those interested in hosting a block party should call the Avondale Police Crime Prevention Unit at 623-333-7217.

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