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Policies & Procedures

Chapter 1: Purpose
Chapter 2 : Organization for Personnel Administration
Chapter 3: Applications
Chapter 4: Recruitment and Selection
Chapter 5: Classification and Compensation Plan
Chapter 6: Employee Benefits
Chapter 7: Drug and Alcohol Policy
Chapter 8: Nepotism/Outside Employment
Chapter 9: Appearance and Conduct
Chapter 10: Use of City Property
Chapter 11: Safety
Chapter 12: Solicitation, Conflict of Interest, & Political Activity
Chapter 13: Employee Records & Reports
Chapter 14: Employee Education Assistance
Chapter 15: Workplace Harassment and Discrimination
Chapter 16: Information Technology 
Chapter 17: Separations
Chapter 18: Grounds for Discipline/Termination
Chapter 19: Grievances
Chapter 20: Definition of Terms
Chapter 21: Changes and Amendments
Chapter 22: Ethics Policy
Chapter 22: Ethics Handbook

AP-1:   Participation in City Elections
AP-2:   Employee Discipline
AP-3:   Public Information & Media Relations 
AP-4:   Surplus Auction Policy & Procedure
AP-5:   Reserved
AP-6:   Reserved
AP-7:   Fitness Room Policy
AP-9:   Copy Mail Room Policy
AP-10: Image and Appearance Policy
AP-11: Avondale Municipal Complex Meeting Room
AP-12: Vehicle Usage Administrative Policy
AP-13: Admin Pooled Vehicle Check Out Procedures
AP-14: Risk Management 
AP-15: Emergency Closing Policy
AP-16: Cellular Telephone
AP-17: Tobacco and Vapor Use
AP-18: Customer Service Standards
AP-19: Portable Message Board
AP-20: Emergency Service Pay
AP-21: Solicitation Policy
AP-22: Specialty Pay Rate & Pay Schedule Adjustment
AP-23: Procurement
AP-24: Protocol – Mayor & City Council Attendance at Events
AP-25: Event and Program Sponsorship
AP-26: Gun Lockers at City of Avondale Buildings
AP-27: Display & Distribution of Government Materials
AP-28: Display & Distribution of Non-Government Materials
AP-29: Avondale 11
AP-30: Employee ID Badge & Security
AP-31: Telecommuting Policy
AP-32: Website Policies & Procedures
AP-33: Recruitment & Hiring Policies and Procedures
AP-34: Volunteer Policy
AP-35: Intern Policy
AP-36: Bilingual Incentive Pay Policy
AP-37: Vehicle/Equipment Retention Policy and Procedure
AP-38: Employee Timekeeping Policy
AP-39: Holiday Leave Policy
AP-40: Sell Back Policy
AP-41: LEP Policy
AP-42: Holiday Schedule
AP-43: GPS Policy
AP-44: H1N1 Policy
AP-45: Notice of Privacy Practices
AP-46: Loss or Suspension Restriction of Drivers License
AP-48: Fit for Duty
AP-49: COA Goodyear Farms Cemetery Rules & Regulations
AP-50: Grant Policy
AP-51Social Media Policy
AP-52Use of Mobile Devices Outside of Working Hours
AP-53: Modified Duty Program - Workers' Compensation
AP-54: Public Safety Worker's Compensation
AP-55: Records Management
AP-56: Public Records Request
AP-57: Management Assistant Program
AP-58: Sexual Abuse
AP-59: Panic Button Protocol
AP-60: Exposure Procedures
AP-61: Industrial Accident/Injury Reporting
AP-62: Light Duty Work Program
AP-63: FLSA Exempt Employee Leave

Avondale Police Officers Association
Avondale Professional Firefighters Association