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Fire Administration

Fire Administration
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Avondale Fire & Medical Administration oversees the six main Divisions of our organization. These Divisions include Intervention Services, Community Services and Fire Prevention, Physical Resources, Community Relations (Community Education), Homeland Security, and Avondale Fire & Medical Member Services. Divisions are typically overseen by the Fire Chief or either of our Deputy Chiefs.
Administrative Functions
Avondale Fire & Medical has adopted Volume 2 and Volume 10 of Phoenix Fire Department's Standard Operating Procedures. These two volumes deal with Emergency Incident Operations, accountability, communications, Fireground Command, and driving and operating fire apparatus just to name a few.

For department administrative policies and procedures, a cooperative approach is used between labor and management. Special sessions are scheduled in which administrative staff and Avondale Fire & Medical members meet and create policies and procedures for selected topics. A preliminary policy or procedure is created and then circulated around the department for member input. The input is taken into consideration, policies and procedures changed as necessary, and adopted after City review. Quality Improvement
In a constant, concerted effort to achieve Avondale Fire & Medical service goals and objectives, proper planning is essential. In striving to maintain the highest level of service possible, Quality Improvement is essential. The majority of our quality improvement initiative is achieved through Research and Development, effective Strategic Planning, and self assessment which will ultimately lead to accreditation through CFAI. Research & Development
In order to specify the equipment, apparatus, or facilities to be utilized by the department, committees are formed by department members to provide input as to what would best suit AF & M operations. If the item can be physically tested by department members in the field, demo units are obtained from the manufacturers and placed into temporary service for evaluation. Expensive purchases for self contained breathing apparatus and heart monitors have been researched in this way.

 Strategic Planning
Avondale Fire & Medical creates its Five-year Plan every 3 years in order to best reflect the current service needs for an ever changing and growing city. The Five-year Plan lists the organization's strengths, weaknesses, challenges and successes and lists organizational goals for each fiscal year for the next five years. These goals may include hiring, physical resource purchases, customer services, education, and training, among many other things.

The Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE) grants accreditation to fire and emergency service agencies upon the successful completion of an in-depth self-assessment, and on-site evaluation. The CPSE self-assessment process has been under development for over 15 years and has involved hundreds of fire service professionals.

Avondale Fire & Medical is currently beginning efforts to become one of only six fire departments in the state of Arizona to be CPSE accredited. Fire Chief Paul Adams is currently one of the assessors on the CPSE panel. Go to the Center for Public Safety Excellence.

Customer Satisfaction and Feedback
We are very interested to know how you think we are doing. Your feedback is extremely important because it helps us best address the needs of our customers, address areas of improvement, and recognize areas of excellence. Please take time to fill out our Customer Feedback Form. The form can be downloaded and mailed in, faxed in, or e-mailed. Your input is invaluable and greatly appreciated.

Records Management
Record keeping is accomplished mainly with Emergency Reporting, ImageTrend and Telestaff software. 
Emergency reporting is utilized for documenting incident information, training, staff activities, public education, equipment maintenance, equipment inventory, occupancy information, and inspection information. Archives are maintained so service improvements can be accomplished through research.
ImageTrend is our paperless charting software for recording patient medical information.
Telestaff™ is utilized to handle staff scheduling, staff availability, and staff contact in the event of a request for service for overtime or special events. Telestaff™ is a fully automated software package that contacts members by telephone for staffing requests. Administrative functions such as payroll are handled through Telestaff™.