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Community Education


Public Education Specialist

Avondale Fire-Rescue
Fire Administration
1825 N. 107th Ave
Avondale, AZ 85392

Educating our community, young and old, is the key to prevention.
Public Education aims at teaching safety and fire prevention through an variety of age appropriate programs. While Avondale Fire & Medical employs Sue Pistoia, a highly trained Public Education Specialist, to accomplish these tasks, public education is a responsibility every member of the department eagerly assumes. Every opportunity is taken to interact with and educate our customers, both in the field and in the classroom.

Fire & Life Safety Education
This program was started in 1993, to aid in teaching students grades kindergarten through eighth the necessary skills to help keep themselves and their families safe from injuries. They are taught in various categories including Fire Safety, Water Safety , Outdoor, and Summer Safety.

Child Seat Inspections
Each year approximately 1,800 children ages 14 and under are killed as occupants in motor vehicles, and more than 280,000 are injured. The State of Arizona requires that children up to the age of five be restrained in the appropriate car seat for the child's age and/or weight. When children car seats are correctly installed and used, studies indicate that the risk of death to infants can be reduced as much as 71%.

However, car seats can be difficult to properly install. In fact, studies have found that about four out of every five car seats are installed or used incorrectly. Factors contributing to the difficulty of using seats correctly include a variety of age and size requirements, incompatibility between car seat and vehicle design, improper seating position and gaps in child occupant protection laws. If you have a child young enough to be in a car seat, chances are that there could be some things you could do to improve their chances of not being injured or killed in a vehicle accident.

Some members of the department have been trained as Child Safety Seat Technicians through SAFE KIDS. Child safety seats can be inspected by appointment or when there is an event that offers the inspections.

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Youth Fire Setter Program
This intervention program has been set in place to provide education to youth and their families experiencing problems with fire setting. Youths who exhibit behaviors that may lead to fire setting are counseled about the dangers of fire and its consequences. Youths setting fires may begin with something that appears to be harmless such as a paper or toys. Ultimately, it may lead to furniture, cars, trash bins, or houses. Left without intervention, youth fire setting has been responsible for hundreds of deaths. If you have any questions about youth fire setting, please call 623.333.6112.

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Senior Home Safety
Senior Citizens constitute an ever-growing portion of our population. It is imperative that they be included in education efforts to keep them safe in and around their homes. Avondale Fire-Rescue crews and Community Education Specialists visit senior citizens in the community to educate them on topics such as cooking/kitchen safety, health and wellness, home security, fire extinguisher use, smoke detectors and medical alarms.

Visit Avondale Fire-Rescue's "For Seniors" page and learn important safety tips for around the home.

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Station Tours
Group tours can be scheduled for the community to visit the fire stations. When possible, firefighters will demonstrate the various types of equipment, tools, apparatus, and personal protective gear used. Station tours are scheduled Monday through Thursday 9:00am to 5:00pm.

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