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FY2017 Bid Tabulations & Awards

The City of Avondale Procurement Office will post bid and quote tabulations within five (5) business days from the solicitation due date. Contract award information for RFPs and RFQs are subject to evaluation committee availability and will be posted as soon as available. Firms/Suppliers are encouraged to check this site for the latest information. To view the tabulation select the Solicitation No.

Professional Services Prequalification •Results

Valid Date(s)


Solicitation No.


Award Status

Council Date

 July 1, 2015 through
June 30, 2020
 RFQ  NFS 15-050 FY 2015/2016 -
FY 2019/2020
Housing Rehabilitation and Demolition Comprehensive Prequalifed Contractors List

On Going

Aug. 2016 through
June 30, 2018


EN 16-027

FY 2016/2017 Professional Consultant

Professional Consultants Selection List

On Going

Per Project Commodities & Contractual Services •Results

Opening Date



Solicitation No.


Award Status

Council Date (If Applicable)

   RFQ PR 16-030 JOC Park, Trails and Landscape Construction Technical Evaluation Phase  





Professional Design Services for Bypass Force Main at 10th Street Lift Station

Notice of Intent 
Stanely Consultants

Nov. 21,2016

 9/29/2016  RFQ  PW  17-006 Construction Manager Services for Gateway Treatment Facility Expansion Interview Phase

Short List Announcement
   RFQ PW 17-007 Integrated Utility Master Plan Update Technical Evaluation Phase  
   RFQ  EN 17-001  Solar Electric Generation System Installation and Provider Services  Technical Evaluation Phase