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Utility Rate Increase Information

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The Avondale City Council will hold a public meeting on December 19, 2016 to consider an increase to water and sewer rates. The meeting will be held at 7:00 pm in the Council Chambers (11465 W. Civic Center Drive, Avondale).

Why is the City proposing to increase its water and sewer rates?

Unlike some communities, which may rely on private companies to supply water and/or sewer services, the City of Avondale is responsible for serving the water and sewer needs of 22,500 households and businesses in the city. Your water and sewer rates are based on the cost of providing these basic but vital services to you. Your fees pay for the cost of building, maintaining and operating a complex and highly efficient water and sewer system – from wells and reservoirs that deliver clean, safe water to our homes, to pipes and lift stations that carry the city’s waste to a water reclamation facility.

The Avondale City Council approved a six-year schedule of water and sewer rates in February 2016.  This year, the Council will be presented with staff recommendations to implement the second of these rate increases effective with any billings after January 19, 2017.  If approved, water and sewer rates would each increase by 6%.

Some facts to consider on why this increase is necessary:
  • The city’s water and sewer infrastructure is aging 
  • The cost for regulatory compliance has increased
  • Proper funding is necessary for preventative maintenance programs which improve reliability in the City’s water and sewer systems 
  • The City is working to ensure that systems are in place to meet the needs of growth and economic development throughout the City 
  • Before 2016 Avondale residents and businesses had not seen an increase in rates since 2009 

What will the proposed rate increase mean to me as an Avondale customer? How much will my water/sewer bill go up?
Avondale’s water and sewer rates are structured to encourage water conservation, and to empower the customer to manage their water consumption in order to keep their water bill low. Customers, who use less than 4,000 gallons a month, pay a much lower rate than those who use more water. The average household in Avondale uses 9,000 gallons-per-month.

Average increase to water customer using 9kgal/month will be $1.33
Average increase to sewer customer generating 6kgal/month will be $1.88  

To see what your water/sewer bill will be based on your own household consumption, visit to use our personalized bill calculator.

How does Avondale’s water/sewer rates compare to other valley cities?  

Avondale’s rates continue to be on the low end of the scale in comparison to other Valley cites. 


Not all cities have yet announced their rate increases for 2017.  

When will the rate changes take effect?
The City will hold a Public Hearing on December 19, 2016, at which time, the Avondale City Council will consider proposed changes. Adopted rates will take effect for billings beginning in January 2017.

To view a draft report, visit the website, ; direct link

 For more information, call 623-333-1000.