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Bulk & Green Waste
Each month, the City collects large, bulky items which do not fit in the 90-gallon trash container.  The City now offers the option of green waste pickup during routine monthly bulk trash pick-up.  Learn more about the City's solid waste services and collection days by neighborhood.

good example bulk pile

Where Do I Place My Bulk Trash?
Materials must be placed in the street up against the curb in front of your property.  Where there is no curb, material must be placed at the edge of the street.  Bulk trash CANNOT be placed on the sidewalk or on private property.
When Do I Set Out My Bulk Trash?
Set out bulk trash for collection by 5 a.m. on the Monday of your scheduled service to ensure its picked up by the end of the week.  Find your Bulk Zone.

Helpful Tips for Bulk Trash & Green Waste
Bulk Trash Green Waste
Bag or box small items, thorny plants or cactus to not create a litter hazard Separate green waste from non-organic material
Tires are NOT collected Cactus and palm fronds are NOT collected 
Hot ashes or cinders, burning matter, loose sawdust or hazardous materials will NOT be collected Cut tree trimmings to 4 feet in length.  Stumps and tree trunks larger than 6-inches in diameter will NOT be collected 
Home remodeling or construction debris is NOT collected
Grass and leaves need to be boxed
Bulk collection crews will be by to collect separate from green waste Green waste crews will be by to collect separate from bulk trash
Place windows and mirrors in strong boxes and set them apart from other materials for the safety of our crews Dirt and sod are not considered green waste and will NOT be collected
3 cubic yard limit  per household per month for both bulk/green waste piles combined   3 cubic yard limit  per household per month for both bulk/green waste piles combined 

Set the Example in Your Neighborhood

good example of green waste pile branches too big Good example of green waste pile Green waste pile too large

photo of bulk trash pile bad example of bulk pile
Good example of green and bulk separated Bulk pile not bagged/boxed and on private property