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Strategic Technology Purchasing
The City of Avondale's Information Technology Strategic Purchasing
The City of Avondale Information Technology Department partners with the Procurement Office to make effective use of all available purchasing tools.  This includes the strategic utilization of quotation, QSP, RFP, IFB, SOQ, and cooperative vehicles and processes, as they best fit the City’s needs for given initiatives.  Because timely acquisitions of services and goods are critical to the success of projects, the Information Technology Department has the important responsibility of serving as the City’s expert resource for guiding all technical purchasing, vendor management, and contract management efforts.

In scenarios where the City is unable to obtain desired technology services and/or goods through existing methods and contracts, the Information Technology Department and Procurement Office work with departments to issue specialized solicitations.  As a standard, the City includes a cooperative purchasing clause in its contracts to allow other local governments to use Avondale’s competitive awards.  Following are City IT-related awards completed by the City of Avondale that are usable by other communities.  Please contact the City’s Purchasing Division at 623-333-2000 or for more information.  We are happy to assist other local governments meet their missions.

Cybersecurity Assessments and Advanced Services (PCI, HIPAA/HITECH, NIST, Training, et al)—

  • ECFirst Contract: 13934c; Maximum Term: 7/7/2019; Annual Value: <$150,000
  • Illumant, LLC Contract: 13933c; Maximum Term: 7/7/2019; Annual Value: <$150,000
  • MegaplanIT, LLC Contract: 13565c; Maximum Term: 7/7/2019; Annual Value: <$150,000
  • Terra Verde Contract: 13935c; Maximum Term: 7/7/2019; Annual Value: <$150,000
  • Infragard and ACTRA Collaborative Arizona cybersecurity alliance between the FBI, DHS, businesses and governments; and    

Interview Recording System (Police and Family Advocacy Center)—

  • MediaSolv Solutions Corp. Contract: 13557c; Maximum Term: 8/13/2017; Aggregate Value: <$73,500

Lawson HRMS Consulting—

  • Ciber, Inc. Contract: 13565c: Maximum Term: 7/16/2017; Annual Value: <$40,000
  • Blue Horseshoe Solutions, Inc. Contract: 13799c; Maximum Term: 10/8/2018; Annual Value: $40,000 - $60,000 (Depending on Year)
  • RPI Consultants, LLC Contract: 13808c; Maximum Term: 10/8/2018; Annual Value: $40,000 - $60,000 (Depending on Year)

Libraries VDI Pilot—

  • Enterprise Networks Solutions, Inc. Contract: 13804c; Maximum Term: 10/7/2014; Aggregate Value: <$41,000

Premise Security—

  • Stanley Convergent Security Solutions, Inc. Contract: 13412c; Maximum Term: 12/12/2016; Annual Value: <$60,000