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Commercial Car Maintenance BMPs

Recycle Oil and Antifreeze

Every oil change is an opportunity to recycle used oil, and the same goes for antifreeze. Every vehicle maintenance shop and its automotive technicians should be trained in all aspects of fluid recycling.  Your facility should get financial reimbursement for these fluids.  Let's keep these fluids out of our wastewater and storm water systems!

EPA Managing Used Oil: Advice for Small Businesses

Mop Water

Mop water should never be disposed of down the drain or outside! Especially drains that are not connected to a oil/water separator.  If you want to confirm where your drains lead, you can always call for a dye test. 


Spill Kits
Please place spill kits in easy to access areas.  Train staff on proper clean up procedures.  NEVER hose down spills, this will contaminate our groundwater and soil.
Spill Kit.jpg

Very Important!
EPA Solvent-Contaminated Wipes Rule Making- 2013 Final Rule 

In 2013, EPA issued a final rule that modifies the hazardous waste management regulations for solvent-contaminated wipes under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Specifically, this rule revises the definition of solid waste to conditionally exclude solvent-contaminated wipes that are cleaned and reused and revises the definition of hazardous waste to conditionally exclude disposable solvent-contaminated wipes. The purpose of this final rule is to provide a consistent regulatory framework for solvent-contaminated wipes that is appropriate to the level of risk posed by these wipes in a way that maintains protection of human health and the environment, while reducing overall compliance costs for industry, many of which are small businesses.