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Strategic Work Plans
City of Avondale Information Technology Strategic Work Planning

The City of Avondale applies agile methods to deliver fast, usable, strategic, and consumer-centric municipal technology projects.

Under this approach, Avondale maintains strategic priorities over two-year periods.  Working with the City's executive leadership and IT Steering Committee, the Information Technology Department sets a work plan each July to (1) progress the City towards its strategic IT goals; (2) set tactical goals for projects driven by City Council and Staff; and (3) periodically revise goals and priorities to match the organization's evolving needs.  This structure allows for highly-responsive Portfolio Management, as well as performance management to the staff level.

Each month, the Information Technology Department updates City departments on project statuses and reviews the IT Portfolio priorities. When changes are made, it is done jointly by departments and in an organization-first manner. Employee work plans are officially updated each quarter to reflect projects completed, new projects assigned, and to review status-to-date on program measures such as customer satisfaction, availability/up-time for assigned IT services, and project success.

2016 City of Avondale's Strategic IT Goals

Achieve the City’s Mission through Modern Technology— Partner with City Departments to meet their goals through information and communications technology.  Execute technology initiatives impeccably.  
  • Support the use of technology across the organization’s initiatives and priorities.  Lead projects with success at >80%.
  • Incorporate mobile computing technologies where the City can enhance services while controlling costs.
  • Automate and optimize the City’s common business processes.
  • Maintain a customer support function rated at >80% Good to Excellent.
  • To maximize capacity and supportability, focus applications efforts in the order of (1) Commercial Products/As-a-Service Solutions, (2) Platform-based Development, and (3) Custom Development.
  • Build and maintain a robust IT infrastructure to support departmental needs for new software and fast, ubiquitous communications.  Match operational capacity to needs evidenced by City functions.

Plan and Manage a Superior Technology Portfolio— Administer the City’s technology support, software, communications, computing, mobile, infrastructure, and oversight functions to provide exceptional outcomes at optimal cost for City Council and City departments.
  • Work with Department Heads and the IT Steering Committee to actively manage City technology projects and queues.
  • Ensure the City maintains a secure, consolidated computing environment.  
  • Run a City technology environment that is both technically sound, operationally strong, and financially viable.  
  • Maintain long-range planning that maps the City’s key technology transitions and investments.
  • Provide a growth-oriented, professional, highly-trained, and productive IT staff with nominal attrition.
  • Use an active performance measures program to support City IT services.
  • Minimize enterprise risks, outages, and costs.
  • Successfully pass all financial, technical, and security audits.  Maintain necessary certifications to support the enterprise.
  • Coordinate cybersecurity planning and management with emergency operations staffs as a core scenario.

Innovate— Advocate for and provide sustainable, novel approaches to improve the City’s business operations.  Lead change initiatives with departments.  Train. Communicate. Be fearless with technology and change.
  • Maintain a professional and responsive IT culture that supports new ideas and processes.
  • Maintain and adhere to a Green IT plan to minimize excessive inventories, utilities usage, and e-waste.
  • Support Economic Development in growing the City’s medical/technology corridor and creating quality job growth.  
  • Work with Public Safety departments to apply and support new processes and technologies in Police, Fire, and Emergency Management activities.  
  • Research and test new technologies with City Departments as fitting opportunities arise.
  • Work with departments and the Procurement Office to expertly execute technology procurements, manage vendors, and fulfill contracts.