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Recreation Opportunities
Situated at the base of the Estrella Mountains and the confluence of the Agua Fria, Gila, and Salt Rivers, Avondale has no shortage of outdoor recreation opportunities. When you add to that the sports, recreation, and leisure options available in our numerous parks and facilities, it is easy to see why we take pride in being such an active city. A healthy lifestyle that takes advantage of our beautiful natural resources is a major part of a sustainable Avondale, so get out and start exploring!

Check out the information below to find a recreation opportunity that is perfect for you.

Avondale bird watchingBird Watching

Did you know Avondale has several prime bird watching locations and is close to many others? Bird watching is not only a great recreational activiity, it also let's you experience more of our natural envronment and learn about the species we share it with. Learn more about bird watching in Avondale here!

Avondale recreationStay Acitve in Avondale!

There are always activity and recreation opportunities popping up in Avondale. Click here to find something new!

Outdoor recreationGet Outside

Avondale is located right in the heart of some of the best outdoor resources in the Valley. Get out and explore the Estrella Mountains, Base and Merridian Wildlife Area, Crystal Gardens, and more! You can learn more about the Avondale Parks Department's outdoor recreation opportunities here.