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What You Can Do
Think the City is the only one who can help prevent stormwater pollution? Think again! Everyone has an important role to play in keeping our storm sewers, waterways, and groundwater clean and safe. You will also help the City comply with MCM 2 - Public Involvement and Participation of the Stormwater Management Plan. Here are a few things you can do every day to help prevent stormwater pollution:

Bag your yard waste1. Sweep yard debris
Make sure to sweep up and dispose of all yard debris like grass clippings, leaves, branches, and soil. If you hose or blow debris into the street, it can accumulate in the storm sewer and carry yard chemicals into the environment. Consider composting your yard waste for free fertilizer!

2. Proper pool practices
Draining and backwashing pool water into the storm drain is one of the most common stormwater violations. Not only can this overload the system, it can also deposit harmful chemicals and compounds into the environment. We even provide helpful hints and pool draining instructions!

3. Use the car wash
Commerical car washes are the best way to keep your vehicle clean and our stormwater safe. If you wash your car at home, all the soap and chemicals make their way into the stormwater system. Commerical car washes have separators that filter out harmful chemicals before recycling the water or depositing it into the sanitary sewer.

4. Be smart with chemicalsIllegal storm sewer dumping
Household and lawn chemicals can be harmful to the stormwater system, the environment, and our groundwater. Make sure you only apply chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, and cleaners in the locations and quantities specificed on the packaging. Also, make sure to not use any products intended for indoor use outside.

5. Pick up after your pet
Pet waste contains bacteria that can wash into the storm sewer and eventually end up in areas where families and other citizens enjoy the outdoors. Make sure to pick up after your pet to keep our natural areas clean and safe.

Automotive Fluid Leak6. Keep your car leak free
When working on your vehicle, make sure to properly recycle all fluids at an auto parts store. Also make sure to keep your vehicle leak free. Remember, just one quart of leaking motor oil can pollute 250,000 gallons of drinking water!

Follow these steps and you can take pride in knowing you are doing your part to keep the City of Avondale's stormwater clean and safe!