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Desert landscapeThe Avondale area is known for its striking desert ecosystems. However, ecosystems, which are communities of interacting organisms and their physical environment, do not begin just outside the city limits. Ecosystems exist everywhere, from pristine mountainsides to inner city streets. And we are a major part of them!

Ecosystems do more than provide attractive views; they continually produce a number of services like air and water filtration, food, cooling, erosion control, raw materials, and recreation opportunities. These services are irreplaceable, so we must protect and enhance them at every opportunity. By understanding our place in local ecosystems and designing, maintaining, and educating with their services in mind, we can enjoy numerous benefits while also preserving and strengthening our environment for future generations.

Xeriscaping: Funny name, seriously sustainable!

One of the best ways to enhance area ecosystems is to create the same types of environments within our city as those in the surrounding desert. Xeriscaping, or landscaping that requires little or no supplemental water use, uses native plants and materials that create the same habitats, processes, and appearance as our regional environment. Xeriscaping not onlyresidential xeriscaping saves you money on water and maintenance, it let's you contribute to a healthy ecosystem that in turn, helps you!

Did you know?
  • Xeriscaping is required in public medians and right-of-ways.
  • City ordinances encourage xeriscaping and conservation.
  • The City will pay you to remove turf and install xeriscaping!
  • The City offers free landscaping classes where you can learn how to create beautiful, healthy ecosystems, right outside your door!

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