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Resources and Waste
Sustainable resource useThe things we use every day and how we dispose of them have major outcomes for sustainability. Many times the resource to waste process can seem fairly basic. Resources are extracted, used to create products, then products are used and thrown into a landfill. But, in most cases this process is not sustainable. Many resources are non-renewable, and their stores are rapidly being depleted without viable replacements. Trash in landfills takes up large amounts of space that could otherwise provide habitat, recreation, or development opportunities. Waste also makes its way into the ecosystem, polluting land, water, air, and wildlife, and can eventually end up in human food and water supplies.

In Avondale, we are working to close the loop in the waste cycle. Where others see waste, we see resources. We constantly look for renewable options and ways to reuse or recycle resources, and safely dispose of the waste we do create. And you can help! Take a look around to see how you can contribute to a safe and sustainable resource cycle.

Avondale Recycles!
Avondale Recycling

Recycling in Avondale is over a decade old and going stronger than ever! You'll be surprised at all the resources you can recycle. Click here to learn more about what you can recycle, when pick-ups occur, and how to properly fill your bin. 

Recycle plastic bags!
Bag Central Station Logo

Avondale cannot accept plastic grocery bags in household recycling. But no fear! There are several Bag Central Station recycling locations where you can drop your unwanted plastic bags off throughout the city. Better yet, get a reusable shopping bag and don't use plastic in the first place! Click to learn more about Bag Central Station and find a location near you.