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Avondale ZOOM neighborhood circulatorA strong, multimodal transportation system is vital to creating a sustainable city. In a growing area like Avondale it is critical to think beyond passenger vehicles and provide adequate, equitable access via public transit, alternative transportation, and pedestrian options as well. Additionally, the vast majority of scientific evidence now indicates that our climate is changing, and fossil-fuel burning vehicles are a major source of the greenhouse gases (GHGs) causing it. Transportation accounted for 28% of US GHG emissions in 2011, and vehicle miles traveled have been on a sharp upward trajectory over the past decade. By creating a transit-focused city and enabling different fuel options, we can make it just as easy to get around town without fossil-fuel-powered vehicles. People-powered transit, such as bicycling and walking, can also have positive health and well-being impacts for the community.

Explore this page and the links to the left to learn more about sustainable ways you can move around the City!

Avondale TransitValley Metro bus

You'll be surprised at all the different ways you can move around Avondale! From the Dial-a-Ride to the ZOOM, Check out the Public Transit page to learn about all the options for getting around our city.