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Avondale SustainabilityAvondale is a city on the grow. Once a small agricultural community west of Phoenix, over the past decade our population has more than doubled as we have transformed into a leading Valley city for recreation, entertainment, living, and employment. And we're not slowing down. With plans for significant growth in our future, you can expect Avondale to continue evolving. Factor in our increasing diversity, and you'll see that we're strengthening as a community, too.

Throughout our growth, Avondale has recognized the importance of sustainability, which is systematic action that creates economically viable, socially equitable, and ecologically integrated conditions that ensure present and future generations are able to survive and thrive. Using these principles helps us build a bright, more livable Avondale for today and tomorrow.

There are many ways you can live sustainably for yourself, our community, and the planet. And it's easier than you think! Explore these pages to find ways to save money, prevent pollution, stay healthy, and make our community an even better place to live and grow.

At the City, we believe in doing our part. This is why we are creating the Municipal Sustainability Plan to improve our internal operations and compliment the goals set forth in the 2030 General Plan.

Avondale's future is bright. By working together, we can create the sustainable city we want to see!

Have an idea to improve sustainability in Avondale? TELL US!

Join the discussion by using the A Voice feature and make your ideas heard! Share your thoughts with citizens and members of the City to help create the future you want to see in Avondale!

A Voice Community Forum

City of Avondale Green Fridays

Avondale community event
Many Avondale facilities operate Monday through Thursday, 7am-6pm including Courts and City Hall. These hours offer flexibility for residents, and save significant amounts of energy, resources, commuting trips, and equipment wear. Avondale was the first Valley city to adopt Green Fridays, which is one of the many ways we show our commitment to sustainability.

Many City services are available on Fridays, including curbside recycling pickup, code enforcement, graffiti abatement, and senior and social service programs. Libraries are open six days a week. Essential police and fire services continue seven days a week, as do emergency services. Customers can also access many of the City's services on-line any time. 

Affiliations and Collaborations

Arizona State University Sustainable Cities Network US Green Building Council Valley of the Sun Clean Cities Coalition
US Department of Energy Sunshot Initiative Arizona State University School of Sustainability Arizona STormwater Outreach for Regional Municipalities
Water Use it Wisely Arizona Municipal Water Users Association Clean Air Make More