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Historic Avondale District

Western street sign_thumb.jpgThe Historic Avondale District, located between Van Buren Street and Lower Buckeye Road and Dysart Road and the Agua Fria River is rich in history and people.  In fact, you don’t need to go very far to find someone in Historic Avondale ready to tell you a story of the old days. Its residents, proud of their heritage and their walks down Western Avenue can be found on a Sunday afternoon conversing with neighbors or relaxing on their porches.

Everyone seems to think of “Western Avenue”, when they think of Historic Avondale.  It is home to Kreative Kupcakes, Glorious Flowers, Zamora Café and Restaurant, Michelle’s Bridal, the Keepsake Trophy Shop, and more.  Western Avenue is a bustling area after school with children running to the library to get a good read or just socializing with friends in Serna’s Plaza. 

What’s not to love?  Moderately priced homes and a neighborhood that is rich in history awaits its new residents and close family members. Close to shopping on Central Avenue, and eateries well within your budget, this coveted old town spot offers friendly neighbors who’ll greet you on the streets, all with a peaceful and well-loved residential neighborhood in between.

Walking Art Tour in Historic Avondale

Western Avenue, the heart of Historic Avondale and the city’s original “downtown”,  is reinventing itself as an up and coming Art’s District.  New shops continue to open centered around the arts and culture of Avondale. The pedestrian friendly street is home to the Mosaic Arts Center, In-Power Boutique, Kreative Kupcakes, Café Zamora, Glorious Flowers, the Juice Box dance studio, Keepsake Trophies, and many more. Take a tour with City Planners and stroll through Historic Avondale, and discover artist at work.  Contact the Planning Division at 623-333-4000 for the next tour.

Historic Avondale Design and Development Guidelines

Historic Avondale Map

Historic Avondale Incentive Program

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