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IT Architecture
City of Avondale Technology Architectures

The City of Avondale maintains plans that detail the business goals and architectural approaches that it uses to provide technology and communications services aligned with the organization's needs. The documents here outlines the City's business plan for geospatial services, frameworks and strategies used in managing the City's portfolio of application solutions, as well as the technology stack the IT department builds its staffs and services around for optimal capability to cost. IT uses all facets of these plans when defining, designing/developing, purchasing, and maintaining application systems for City of Avondale agencies.

2015 Avondale IT Architecture (Secure Parts Redacted)

2015 Geospatial Services Business Plan

The City of Avondale’s center on five key strategies:

  1. Create and sustain a strong, converged infrastructure environment. The Avondale Internal Cloud must support high performance, responsiveness to new system needs, and bridge the multiple best-of-breed cloud infrastructure services providers the City projects will emerge.Maintain connectivity and bandwidth that enables the City's transition to a fully-mobile workforce standard.
  2. The City will focus applications selection in the order of commercial and software-as-a-service solutions first, common platform-based development second, and custom programming last (and only if there is exceptionally high value). Connected with this, Avondale will work to develop and maintain an Application and Data Integration Layer that keeps City resources connected. This approach will allow the City to fulfill department needs, concentrate staff growth and development on current and common skills sets, and transition to new applications more easily in the future.
  3. Integration of spatial data will be central in the evolution of critical life/safety, financial, and infrastructure systems. Geospatial technologies will enable improved decision-making, crime management, cybersecurity insights, and asset management in the near future.
  4. All organizations must transition to a new standard of cybersecurity that spans human behavior, application services, server and communications designs, and technology administration. Increasing risks demand that Avondale partner well, that organizations share cybersecurity intelligence, and that the baseline security of all organizations must improve in order to inhibit the spread of vulnerabilities. In the near-term, IT functions must have programs at least responsive to DDOS, APT, Malware, Social Engineering, and mobile vector attacks.
  5. The City will build and sustain a staff that is expert, understanding of departmental operations, and able to build solutions that meet the needs of departments. Avondale will provide growth, feedback, and meaningful work. The City's IT staff must be able to assist peers at the strategic to line-level, execute projects at a high level, and show proficiency with IT vendor, contract and procurement management.
  6. The City of Avondale IT Department will be Good to Work With for our peers and vendors. Combined credibility depends on having integrity and earning the faith of the people we work with.