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Specialty Units
Tactical Operations Unit / S.W.A.T.
MRAP Vehicle
The Avondale Police Department Tactical Operations Unit (TOU) is comprised of 11 entry team members, 2 precision marksmen, 4 tactical negotiators, a safety officer, scribe and a tactical dispatcher.

The SWAT team exists to handle tactically challenging situations and serves as a support unit to police operations when a crisis arises that require advanced tactical training or specialty equipment.

Some examples of situations that would require deployment of the SWAT team include:
  • Armed and barricaded subjects
  • Hostage situations
  • High risk search warrant service
  • Open field tracking and search/rescue missions
  • Any high risk situation requiring special tactics

The team members have other full time assignments within the police department. The SWAT team members train 10 hours each month; in addition the team participates in a 40 hour week long training once a year. Some team members have specialty assignments on the team that they train for, however members receive cross training for most assignments on the team.

To become a member of the SWAT team, candidates must successfully complete a comprehensive testing process prior to selection. The testing consists of:
  • Physical Fitness Tests
  • Firearms Qualification Tests
  • A Written Examination
  • An Oral Board Examination
  • A Psychological Examination

Once an officer is selected for the team, the officer must attend an 80 hour basic SWAT school and must serve a one year probation period. Each Tactical Operations Team member commits to four years of service to the team. Areas such as precision rifle, negotiations and chemical munitions require numerous additional trainings.

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