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Noise Ordinance
On July 20, 2009 Council approved the enhancement of City Ordinance 15-11 by adding the following language that applies to the circumstances necessary to issue a citation: 

  • Must be at least two complainants who are not related and live in separate residences willing to file a complaint against the owner of the loud animal.
  • All complainants are required to testify in court; otherwise, the case is dismissed.
  • Anonymous complaints will not be accepted.

The signed complaint only suggests "reasonable suspicion" and will begin the investigative process for us. We will gather many factors to include: 1) did the investigating officer hear the dog/s bark, 2) have there been other calls for service to the same house for the same problem in the past, 3) premise history, and 4) statements from all involved parties. If the case is accepted by the City Attorney, all parties that signed complaints will be subpoenaed to testify in court. Refusal to testify generally results in the case being dismissed.

We recognize as a Police Department that there may be those occasions when only one person will come forward to file a noise complaint, especially when it pertains to barking dogs. In those cases the Avondale Police Department will still respond to your call for service and:

  • Attempt to observe the noise
  • Attempt to contact the dog owner, advise them of the complaint, and attempt to resolve the problem at that time
  • If the owner cannot be contacted a door hanger will be left at the residence advising the dog owner of the complaint
  • Document the incident
Should you have any questions pertaining to this ordinance, please contact the Avondale Police Department at 623-333-7001.

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