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Safe Routes To School (SRTS)

The City of Avondale is committed to assisting with traffic safety and education. The City invites school district administrations, school administrators, PTA organizations, and parents to partner in creating the safest means of transportation of children to and from school.

More Information
To discuss your SRTS implementation plan or if you have any questions please contact Avondale Traffic Engineering at 623-333-4200 or e-mail .  We look forward to working with you! 

For more information on SRTS:

National Center for Safe Routes to School
MAG Safe Routes to School

The City of Avondale conducts Safe Routes to School (SRTS) studies on an annual basis, budget permitting.  Maps are formulated which depict the best route(s) to walk and bike to school safely. The studies are conducted by a professional traffic engineer and are based on the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Traffic Safety for School Areas Guidelines and standard traffic engineering practices. The goal of the studies is to develop a list of recommendations improving the safety and efficiency of traffic conditions for all users in individual school areas. 

Bus Services
Parents are encouraged to use bus services as provided. The need for bus services is determined where walking and biking to school is not recommended. Questions regarding bus and other transportation related issues should be directed to the school district as they provide the resources for these services.

To date, the following schools have been studied.  Please click on the respective schools to download their SRTS Map:

Avondale Elementary School District
      * Lattie Coor Elementary
      * Michael Anderson Elementary

Litchfield Elementary School District
      * Rancho Santa Fe Elementary

Littleton Elementary School District
      * Collier Elementary
      * Quentin Elementary
      * Littleton Elementary

Pendergast Elementary School District
      * Canyon Breeze Elementary  
      * Rio Vista Elementary  

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