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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities 
(Opportunities not limited to those listed)

Special Events 
Memorial Day Reflection Service                                  Parks, Recreation and Libraries
Veterans, their families and those wishing to pay tribute to them are invited to participate in the candlelight service, presided by our local Veteran groups and City Officials.
Target Audience: 500 residents

Veteran’s Day Ceremony                                              Parks, Recreation and Libraries
Veterans, their families and those wishing to pay tribute to them are invited to participate in this annual service at the amphitheater, presided by our local Veteran groups and City Officials.
Target Audience: 1000 residents

Seasonal Concert Series & Art Walks                           Parks, Recreation and Libraries
Participants are invited to bring a chair or blanket to sit upon at our outdoor amphitheater to enjoy entertainment from local artists of rock, country, jazz and more! Vendors also provide opportunity for purchase of meals and refreshments. Locations:  Avondale Civic Center, and Old Town Avondale Sernas Plaza
Target Audience: 500 - 1000 residents

Billy Moore Heritage Days                                            Parks, Recreation and Libraries
This annual event has been part of the Southwest Valley for over 50 years, and boasts the longest running parade in the state, as we celebrate the heritage of Avondale with a Parade, Carnival and lots of entertainment. Date is TBD on this event
Target Audience: 25,000-30,000 residents and visitors

Avondale Celebrates the Holidays                                Parks, Recreation and Libraries
Celebrate the arrival of the Winter Holiday Season! Crafts, food and entertainment are plenty for all to enjoy! There are games, visits to Santa, Children’s activities, and more!
Target Audience: 3000 residents

Resident Appreciation Night                                         Community Relations and Public Affairs
An annual event where city departments showcase programs and services in a festive setting. The event is full of interactive city displays and booths and includes entertainment, activities for the youth, food and more. Date is TBD on this event, typically a fall season event.
Target Audience: 3000 residents

Community Programs 
Park Sponsorship (Friendship Park & Festival Fields)                Parks, Recreation and Libraries
Target Audience: 100,000 - 450,000 park annual visitors (depending upon Park)
Special Request: Sponsorships are $500 per business or organization per 6 months. Participating businesses will have the name of their organization placed on a customized, full color 4’x8’ banner - hung at one of the designated parks for community members and park visitors to see.
Limited Sponsor level opportunity: Support       Sponsorship Proposal/Application

Breast Cancer Awareness – Health Screenings             Neighborhood Family Services
By partnering with Mobile Onsite Mammography, Avondale’s Social Services Division would like to provide a free mammography to at least 25 women, over the age of 35 who are uninsured and who have not had a mammogram in the past year.
Target Audience: Women who are 35 or older

Domestic Violence Awareness Month                           Police
Domestic Violence Awareness month in October allows for the Avondale Police Department to host awareness events in the community to provide domestic violence resources, education, and honor those who have lost their lives to domestic violence. Initiatives for this month are up for discussion based on funding and partnership opportunities.
Target Audience: Citizens of Avondale

Crime Free Multi-Housing (CFMH)                                Police
Crime Free Multi-Housing is a partnership between multi-housing communities and law enforcement to keep crime out of the community. This is accomplished by each multi-housing community completing a training regarding crime prevention, screening future tenants, and landlord tenant laws. Second, each community has a CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) review completed and suggestions implemented. Finally, each will have a community celebration for their completion of all three phases. Business are sought to help fund these individual CFMH events.
Target Audience: Citizens of Avondale with an interest in crime prevention

G.A.I.N. / Neighborhood Crime Prevention Events       Police
An annual event in October which Arizona law enforcement promotes crime prevention tips, information, and establishing/strengthening block watch programs.
Target Audience: Citizens of Avondale with an interest in crime prevention and/or block watch (collateral provided in English and Spanish).

PARTNERS 4 PETS – Spay & Neuter                           Police                                                         
/Vaccination Clinics  
Avondale’s Animal Control community outreach program aims to offer free and low cost spay and neuter surgeries to low income pet owners as well as a range of services for residents that have animals. Clinics involve bringing mobile units into city and neighborhood parks, targeting areas where animal problems are prevalent.
Target Audience: Community Pet owners

Adopt A K9                                                                   Police
Police Service Dogs are occasionally needed to apprehend criminals and locate suspects who are hiding. As a "force" tool, the Police Service Dog is very unique in that the dog can be re-called and stopped unlike a swing of a baton, a spray of chemical agents or a bullet when fired by a gun. Avondale PD is looking to obtain funding to help bring a new dog into the force. Dog can be named in honor of a Corporate donation.

Volunteers in Police Services (VIPS)                            Police
Volunteers in Police Services (VIPS) is a program that provides an opportunity for Avondale citizens to become involved with and to assist the Police Department through volunteer activities. This program, which operates in many law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S., recruits average citizens to perform a variety of tasks to support the efforts of sworn and civilian personnel.
Target Audience: Citizens of Avondale

VIN Etch Events                                                           Police
VIN etching is the process of placing a light but visible stencil of your vehicle identification number on each piece of glass in your car - windshield, windows and sun roof. This deters vehicle theft, since in order to resell your car with an altered identification number the thief would have to replace all of the glass in the vehicle. Avondale Police Department hosts events throughout the year, hosting vin etch events where residents can get this stenciling done at no cost.
Target Audience: Citizens of Avondale

Community SHRED-A-THON                                         Police
Avondale Police Department is looking for partners to help community members combat identity theft by hosting a Community Shred event. The initiative will invite community members to bring all the unwanted personal documents they can carry for shredding by a Shred-it mobile truck.
Target Audience: Citizens of Avondale

Development Services Video of “Avondale NOW!”       Planning
This Video will showcase new development projects in the City, planning and development services processes and procedures, building requirements. Funding is needed for the production and development costs associated with creation of each 30 minute video to be updated quarterly as a show feature on local cable Channel 11 and online.
Target Audience: Citizens/Residents, Development Community, and Site Selectors

Information Booth – for Planning Association              Planning                             
& Urban Land Institute
This booth will assist in providing notoriety for the city at conferences and other functions in and around the state as well as out of the state.
Target Audience: Developers, Site Selectors, Real Estate professionals, planning/architectural firms, etc.

Recycling Education                                                    Field Operations
Avondale Office of Recycling Outreach & Education works to increase participation in Avondale’s curbside recycling program using a grassroots, community-by-community strategy. Recycling coordinators work to identify the specific challenges to recycling in a neighborhood and address those needs with targeted workshops for businesses, community and school outreach centered on events and education, and special collection programs for textiles, electronics, and compost.
Target Audience: Citizens of Avondale

Fire- Rescue Media Safety Campaigns                          Fire-Rescue
Avondale Fire Rescue provides residents with a message of safety through out the year, and plug specific messages to local media that is often televised to promote Valley wide. Fire rescue is looking for sponsors for annual ‘Holiday Tree Safety’, ‘Turkey Fryer Safety’, and ‘Water Safety’ media programs. Funding and materials are needed for props and displays for on-air demonstrations related to the safety message that is being disseminated for that season.
Target Audience: Citizens of Avondale and Greater Metro Phoenix

Avondale Blvd Street Banners                                      Economic Development
Avondale Blvd is the main throughout fare in the heart of Avondale. It is also the main corridor to Phoenix International Raceway, where hundreds of thousand of visitors to Avondale come annually to watch NASCAR races (April and November). We are inviting businesses to help ‘Welcome Race Fans’ during those months by sponsoring 20 Street Banners that will be visible to all that travel the corridor.
Target Audience: Thousands of Citizens and Visitor to Avondale
Limited Sponsor level opportunity: Corporate

Shop Avondale Promotions                                         Economic Development
Various opportunities for businesses to partner with the City to drive customers to their stores, and promote shopping locally in the community! Coupons, raffle drawings, special events can all be promoted through the City’s Keep Green in Avondale program throughout the year.

Centennial 2012 Projects                                                                                                                                  
Avondale is looking to provide the city with a Centennial Project Surprise in 2012. The two major projects include Monument Hill and the Goodyear-Pioneer Cemetery. The Grants Administration Division is looking for funding and in-kind to support projects and programs related to these efforts.                                                                                                                                            
Target Audience: Historians, residents

Muscular Dystrophy “Fill The Boot”                             Fire-Rescue
Each year Avondale firefighters, in association with the IAFF, greet motorists, shoppers and citizens alike asking them to donate money to the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), an organization dedicated to eradicating neuromuscular diseases that affect between 400 and 600 live male births each year in the United States.  The contributions of the fire fighters also go towards the MDA’s summer camps for children, professional and public health education, as well as other programs.
Target Audience: Citizens of Avondale and Greater Metro Phoenix

Blood Pressure Checks                                                Fire-Rescue
According to the American Heart Association, one in four adult Americans has high blood pressure.  Because there are no symptoms, one-third of these people don’t even know they have high blood pressure, also called hypertension.  Avondale Fire-Rescue offers free blood pressure checks at any Avondale fire station from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. with no appointment necessary.
Target Audience: Citizens of Avondale

Child Seat Inspections                                                 Fire-Rescue
Members of Avondale Fire-Rescue have been trained in a four-day course as Child Safety Seat Technicians through AAA. Child safety seats can be inspected for free by appointment or when there is an event that offers the inspections.  Avondale Fire-Rescue receives infant seats, car seats, and booster seats for free distribution. Keeping your child properly secured in a child's car seat isn't just the prudent, safest thing to do for your child while driving in the car, but it's also the law.
Target Audience: Citizens of Avondale and Greater Metro Phoenix

Smoke Detector Installation and Checks                      Fire-Rescue
Every Avondale Fire-Rescue engine company carries a kit with several smoke detectors and batteries as well as information on the importance of installing and maintaining smoke detectors in your home. As a courtesy, our members check the working order of smoke detectors in our customer's homes and will replace batteries if needed. They also will install smoke detectors if none are present, all free of charge.

Target Audience: Citizens of Avondale

Annual Toy Drive                                                         Fire-Rescue
Every year, Avondale firefighters cooperate with Avondale businesses to ask citizens for help in collecting new toys and clothing for children in need during the holiday season. Donations can also be dropped off at any Avondale fire station.  Contributions are distributed to the Lions Club and the Agua Fria Food Bank, as well as given to several adopted families throughout the community.
Target Audience: Citizens of Avondale

Youth Outreach Programs
Avondale Youth Advisory Commission                        Neighborhood Family Services                          
The Avondale Youth Advisory Commission is a great way for high school students to develop the leadership skills needed as an adult.  Participants in the commission enjoy the opportunity that they have to develop leadership skills and make new friends while providing a valuable service to the city they live in.  The Avondale Youth Advisory Commission plans and implements a variety of community service projects and help city leaders make important decisions regarding issues that affect youth.
Target Audience: High School Students 
T-Ball and Coach Pitch                                                 Parks, Recreation and Libraries
The City of Avondale provides T-Ball and Coach Pitch
Target Audience: Approximately 350 youth per season ages 4 – 8
Special Request: $250.00 per team per season or In-kind request: Drinks and snacks for coaches meetings and games. Each sponsor will get their name on the back of the teams t-shirt.
Limited Sponsor level opportunity: Support

Summer Camp Scholarships                                       Parks, Recreation and Libraries
Camp scholarships allow youth coming from a low income families the opportunity to attend one of the many summer camps the City of Avondale offers. Many of the camps are in partnership with local organizations. The camps range from a World Music Camp and Rock Climbing, Soccer, Drawing, Gymnastics to Science Camp.
Target Audience: Approximately 100 Youth age 6-13

Voice of Youth Teen Summit                                       Neighborhood Family Services
This exciting one day event offers a multitude of youth development opportunities to over 100 teens from Avondale and the West Valley. This educational event provides participants with a full day of life skill building workshops, inspirational speakers, teen forums and networking opportunities. Workshops offered at the summit promote higher education, leadership, service to community, and a healthy lifestyle. Target Audience: Approximately 100 Teens age 13 – 17

Shop with a Cop                                                          Police
This holiday event (December) officers refer children who have been victims of crime in the last quarter of the calendar year to receive $100.00 gift card to a local store to purchase gifts for themselves or family members. Ideally the officer who referred the child/children will accompany them through the store to help them pick out items to purchase.
Target Audience: Children who are victims of violent crimes.

Global Youth Service Day                                            Neighborhood Family Services
Global Youth Service Day engages teens from the Avondale Youth Advisory Commission and La Joya Community High School in a community clean up service project. The project provides students with an opportunity to serve their community and demonstrate the valuable contributions they are capable of providing. The project also helps to preserve the environment and increase awareness of about the beauty and value of the Tres Rios Wetlands area.
Target Audience: Approximately 100 youth ages 14 – 18

Project REAL- Afterschool Youth                                 Neighborhood Family Services            
Development Program   
Project REAL provides Avondale teens ages 13 – 17 with a variety of free youth development programs and activities during after school hours. The activities offered are designed to enhance self-esteem, values and life skills while providing youth with positive recreational outlets that promote physical activity, education and a healthy lifestyle.
Target Audience: Approximately 200 teens ages 14 – 18

Build A City Program w/Avondale Elementary              Planning                                                
and High School Districts
This program will partner with the local school districts to teach student basic planning practices, respect for their community, and development within their city in the perspective of City Planners.
Target Audience: Elementary and High School Students

Water Conservation Poster and Calendar                     Water Resources
The Water Resources Department is looking for sponsors for annual Calendar. Youth in local elementary schools compete to get a prized page on the Water Conservation Calendar. Calendars are professionally designed and mass produced with water conservation tips. Final product is distributed to local Avondale schools (15,000).
Target Audience: Students K-8, educators and parents in Avondale

Community Relations Department                                            


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