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Jackson Potluck
Jackson Potluck triptychJackson Potluck Triptych
Artist:  Visitors to Civic Center Library dedication ceremony
Created:  March 31, 2007
Location:  Civic Center Library

This Jackson Pollock (1912-56) style triptych was created on Saturday March 31, 2007 during a dedication for this library and Solar Continuum sundial located outside the library. It was a beautiful, sunny morning enjoyed by all.

One of the Jackson Potluck Canvas“Jackson Potluck” is truly public art. It was created by the public during the library/sundial dedication and is displayed in a public place for all to enjoy. It is owned by the City of Avondale. Each canvas of the triptych is 24” wide x 36” high and is acrylic and latex house paint on canvas.

Avondale area residents who were in attendance to celebrate the library/sundial dedication created this piece. The contributing artists were:

Dustin Aguilera Kathy Aguilera Michael Arangio
Tim Barge Jennifer Campbell Darien Coebin
David Cooper  Sarah Kay Crowe Lakin Farver
Maraya Flores Katie Gillen Katie Gross
Kilsey Johnson Bianca Lugo Jessica Lugo
Betty Lynch Gabby Mendez Mathew Montes
Bev Moore  Moniza Murillo Gabriella Powell
Jonah Powell Tara Richardson Travis Richardson
James Rodriguez  Jasmine Rodriguez Ana Romero
Michael Romero  Sarah Routolo Jason Salcido
Autumn Sauoie  David Sours Nancy Sours
Kayla Stofel Samantha Stofel Lianna Toliver
Miranda Viseth

“Jackson Potluck” is part of the Avondale Public Art Collection managed by the Avondale Municipal Arts Committee whose mission is to enrich the quality of life by creating a unique and diverse sense of place through public art.

While Jackson Pollock’s art is called modernist art, he was influenced by Native American sand painters during his early days in Arizona.