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Introducing A New Way to Engage and Interact with citizens of Avondale! Speak up, Avondale! Residents You Do have.....A Voice, we encourage the submission of ideas,this is an open forum for community discussion, and allows the city to highlight current issues or projects to submit their ideas, leave comments and vote other ideas up or down within each topic. Contributors are awarded “badges” based on their activity level, the more active a user is, the higher their ranking. Click here to learn more about how to use A Voice and join in on Hot Topic discussions!
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Historic Avondale as an Arts District

Western Avenue, the heart of Historic Avondale and the city’s original “downtown”, is reinventing itself as an up and coming Art’s District.

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  1. Permanent live/work space for Artists

    Artists, arts and cultural organizations in Avondale can have a chance to showcase their talents all in one area

    Oct 28, 2013 by DeAnn Franklin, City Staff (214 points)

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